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UFO drone analysis - Update 11 July, 2007

UPDATE 11 July, 2007

Now we have the "Isaac" documents from the CARET program. After sorting through "Isaac's" story, I find it full of holes. After you read through the material in the links below, you will probably have the same conclusions.
- He is worried about his safety, but throughout the story he gives himself away by being too detailed in his job description.
- The location and description of the building is too weak.
- What was the fake business name for the office complex?
- His account of the security within the building is from watching too many "B" movies.
- With all this security, I'm sure nobody noticed the removal of classified documents while he stood around all this security making copies at the Xerox machine.
- I don't think his copies of the photos reflects the Xerox "look" from that time period. Those of us that used that equipment will recognize the difference.
- Not one document or photo has a classification on it. That is really bad news! (my 20 years in the military and a Top Secret clearance makes me notice those things)
- The "Linguistic Analysis Primer" diagrams are way too detailed and the contrast ratios are too perfect for being a Xerox copy from the eighties.
- I'm sure the original pages weren't blacked out, so what's the point here?
- On the cover, the report is Q-4(the fourth quarter of the year)1986. The quarter starts with October and ends at the end of the year- December 31st. The report says December
which is non-standard. It should read October 1 thru December 31 or the actual date it was prepared.(which is after the quarter is over)

...That's enough "shooting holes" for now. There's much more, but what's the point?

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