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UFO drone analysis - Update 13 June, 2007

UPDATE 13 June, 2007

Nobody has come forward with claims of being the "hoaxer". This leaves the case wide open for speculation that the sightings are not fabricated. It could still an attempt to generate interest for an upcoming movie, but there haven't been any new and "profound" photos or eyewitness accounts. Yes, there have been software imprints in the files, but some software program has to be used to input into the computer and upload the image. If this is a personal "ego" situation, it's not following the average profile. So far, this case goes into a new folder between the "gray area" and the "X-Files". So, it's now a waiting game. If this sighting has no further updates within the next few months, consider the possibility that it was real.

Posted in Submitted by keith on Wed, 06/13/2007 - 20:54.