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UFO "Drone" analysis of inset figure "B" anomaly

I find this anomaly is as much interest as the "drone" itself. I originally enlarged and enhanced object "B" to create the inset "C". (see original photo and analysis) To see a better view, I turned the image to black and white, added a layer of "etch", and added a bit more contrast. The effect of this modification results in a better idea of the objects three dimensional shape.
All Drones, Probes, and RPVs ultimately have a source of control. Is it possible that this anomaly is that controller? If there are other photos of the "Drone UFO" with this anomalous object in the background, it makes a strong case for the controlling craft. I invite all readers to pursue this research. If you find another photo with this object, contact me through the web site contact page.
We could be getting hoaxed, but it would be on a level beyond previous attempts. The more information gathered and analyzed, the better we'll get an idea which side of the fence we jump to. If this is an actual UFO and the public gathers enough information and good photos, the government may make an attempt to claim it as an experimental craft in order to offset they have no idea what these are, where they come from, and they have no control of the situation. I think we can cross off the "swamp gas" theory for this one.


UFO "Drone" analysis of inset figure "B" anomaly
Posted in Submitted by keith on Sat, 07/14/2007 - 15:19.