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UFO drone analysis

The sightings of this UFO "Drone" in parts of California have piqued the interest of many people.

I picked this photo "A" due to what at first appeared a dust spot "B". I cropped around the spot and increased the size and pixels to gain resolution. I then applied more contrast and sharpening. The result is what appears to be another object "C". There is no indication this photo is faked. *note* I added further analysis and an enhanced photo of this anomaly. see: analysis of inset figure "B" anomaly (posted 14 July, 2007)

Inset "D" shows a close-up as the "drone" passes overhead. There are several curved components that rise vertically from the circular hub. The enlargements "E" and "F" show the detail of these components. These are very thin and quite symmetrical despite the objects motion.

Inset "G" is from a separate observation over 200 miles to the west. Notice the "drone" has additional hardware added. These are two separate but similar attachments with three spikes protruding from each.


In the several images of this "drone", I see no indication that the photos are faked. If they are fake, the individual that created it is not only top notch, but the software is well beyond anything I have seen. The "monkey wrench" here is that there are three separate sources in three separate geographic areas.

If we are dealing with a real "drone", here are my personal thoughts:

  • Since the observers heard an electrostatic type crackling sound and experienced nausea and dizziness, I think the power source for the "drone" is a high power energy beam coming from the strange object in inset "C". The curved components rising from central hub may be part of the energy receiver for a propulsion system. The central hub could be the actual component generating the propulsion for the "drone". The result may be an ionizing/plasma field around the "drone.
  • The "drone" has five extensions in "A" and four in "G". In "G", the two modules with short spikes replaces a longer extension. My perception is these are sensors.
  • The longer segmented extension may be a sensor transmitter/receiver. One of the close-up photos shows a strange set of symbols along the bottom of the longer extension.
  • The shorter extensions may also be part of the sensor system due to one of them being replaced by the modules with the short spikes. On close inspection of the shorter extensions, they appear to have hinge points at the hub. The geometry of these hinges would allow the shorter extensions to fold upwards like the wings of aircraft designed for aircraft carrier deployment. The longer extension appears to be fixed.
  • It is my opinion that the purpose of the sensors is for geological survey. What it is trying to detect on or in the ground is the big question.


The photos appeared on and I have photographic experience dating from 1960, so these photos really piqued my interest. In the Navy, my specialty was avionics. The equipment I worked on and operated over twenty years includes radar, ecm, magnetic field detectors, communications systems, and sonar.

I used Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9 to analyze the photos. I could not detect any pixel manipulation, pixel size differences, or lighting issues.


Who is the Oregon attorney Todd Schwartz and what is his connection to "Isaac" and the website?

UFO drone analysis