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Northstar-at-Tahoe Downhill Mountain Bike Race Photos / 29 July, 2007

I shot photos at the Northstar-at-Tahoe Downhill Mountain Bike Race on Sunday, 29 July, 2007. Normally I shoot video but the old still photography bug bit me. I grabbed the Canon S3 1S camera and started hiking up the mountain. So, here's a slide show to music.

Drag Racing Burn Outs- awesome audio!

Crank It Up!!!!!! Some of my favorite burnout sequences from the "Last Drag" at the Baylands track in the San Francisco Bay area. My video camera smelled of burnt rubber and nitro-methane for weeks. I was nearly killed in 1971 when a blower explosion sent car parts flying straight at me. From then on, I shot from the start line instead of further down the track.

"Shockwave" Peterbuilt Jet Truck: 36,000Hp / 376mph

The Peterbuilt "Shockwave Jet Truck" has three jet engines with a total of 36,000hp and 18,000 lbs of thrust. Quarter mile is 256mph in 6.36 seconds! Shockwave is very popular at airshows and drag races. Typical airshow performances include driving by the crowd line and lighting the afterburners, blasting down the runway at speeds approaching 300mph, and racing aircraft down the runway. If you like noise,speed, and fire, here it is. Guinness Book of World Records lists Shockwave as the fastest full size truck at 376mph.

Total Lunar Eclipse / 28 August 2007

On 28 August 2007, the moon moved through the Earth's shadow or umbra. This video of the lunar eclipse is a series of clips that has the moon move from top left to bottom right in the frame. The original time of the penumbra to total eclipse was about an hour. The moon turned a deep blood red and was barely visible at the height of the total eclipse. This was the best eclipse I have experienced- and perfect skies the whole night. In this edited version, I selected 15 times the normal speed

Airplane vs. Helicopter Drag Race

Wayne Handley races his Raven aerobatic plane against Jim Cheatham in the R-22 helicopter. The rules are from a standing stop to one quarter mile down the runway, then back to the start line. Jim was a helicopter pilot in the Army and Wayne a fighter pilot in the Navy. Ahhh, the feud continues!