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"Turbo Raven" Aerobatic Airplane Crash - Salinas Airshow

Wayne Handley Turbo Raven Aerobatic Airplane Crash at Salinas Airshow in 1999

Wayne Handley's custom built Turbine Powered "Turbo Raven" experienced an engine malfunction. Below 1,000 feet, there is no option but to crash land.

Wayne Handley Turbo-Raven: Vertical Take Off Record

Nothing comes even remotely close to this. The Turbo-Raven's 750 horsepower turbine develops 2,800 pounds of thrust off the propeller. The airframe only weighs 1,600 pounds. From brake release to 10,000 feet, the Turbo-Raven does it in one minute.

Airplane vs. Helicopter Drag Race

Wayne Handley races his Raven aerobatic plane against Jim Cheatham in the R-22 helicopter. The rules are from a standing stop to one quarter mile down the runway, then back to the start line. Jim was a helicopter pilot in the Army and Wayne a fighter pilot in the Navy. Ahhh, the feud continues!