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AFT Customs "ER HED" Poster Photo Shoot / Five Sexy Models and ER HED

The new AFT Customs "ER HED" poster photo shoot took place 600 feet down in the Sutter Creek Gold Mine. The five AFT Models posed with the motorcycle at the direction of renowned photographer Mike Chase. This video captures hi-lites of the photo shoot from start to finish. AFT Customs Jim Giuffra does an intro to his new creation ER HED(Air Head) and fires up the Yamaha engine for the camera.

Viper West F-16: video production at the California Capital Airshow 2008

Viper West F-16: video production at the California Capital Airshow 2008

This is a video frame from the U.S. Air Force F-16 Viper West Flight Demonstration Team at the California Capital Airshow 2008.

I did a three day shoot with the team and edited a video that gives you the view as if you are flying in the back seat during the flight demo. This version is the first of two.

The second version will have many more camera angles, including the cockpit camera angle facing back looking at the pilot and the HUD (Heads Up Display).

Watch the video!

SEXY AFT Customs Models Applying Body Makeup To Each Other

The sexy AFT Customs models didn't need a dressing room on this photo shoot. 600 feet down in a gold mine shaft, the models and photographers gathered for a poster photo shoot for the new "ER HED" (Air Head) custom motorcycle built by AFT Customs. I was on hand for the photo shoot, as unofficial videographer, capturing the action. This video contains 'outtakes' from the photo shoot.

Models Kylie, Andrea, Melanie, and Jeanine removed their sweat pants and shirts and started getting ready for the photo session. I think they played to the camera while applying glitter to each others' body - and that was OK!

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J. Michael Wigen- "Cyclone" Aerobatics

J. Michael Wigen wanted a show plane that was the combination of the nostalgic 30's era golden age racers with big radial engine sound but with a modern approach in design and power. He took his concept to renowned aircraft designer and builder Steve Wolf. The result was Cyclone. Cyclone has a carbon fiber airframe and power comes from a WWII era 550 hp Pratt & Whitney Radial engine. This light weight airframe, high horsepower, and J. Michael Wigen's aerobatic talent results in a spectacular display of aerobatics.

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Cockpit Video Cameras Mounted On The L-39 Firecat

Cockpit Video Cameras Mounted On The L-39 Firecat

I mounted the Viosport Adventure Cam III cameras in Rich Perkin's L-39 Firecat. Over three days, I had camera angles that look back at Rich from the glare shield, looking forward over the nose, and a shot at both wings.

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