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Antonov AN-225 "Mriya" the world's largest jet. 6 engines / 1,411,000 lbs t/o weight

The incredible Antonov AN-225 is the worlds largest jet with a wing span of 291 feet. The six engines develop 309,600 lbs of thrust, which give it a maximum takeoff weight of 1,411,000 pounds! Picture it being able to carry a C-5 Galaxy as cargo!!! The footage was shot at the Abbotsford International Airshow. Narration is by Gordon Bowman-Jones. This segment is from the documentary "Red Sky".

Wayne Handley / Turbo Raven Airshow / Moffett Field 1999

Wayne Handley's Turbo-Raven is the culmination of his dream to have an aerobatic plane that could out perform anything in the world. The one-type-design Turbo-Raven boasts a 750 HP Pratt & Whitney PT6A-25C turbine engine coupled to a Hartzell 3 blade composite propeller. The propeller produced 2,800 pounds of thrust for the 1,600 pound Turbo-Raven.

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F-22 Raptor Video - California Capital Airshow - 2007

New F-22 Raptor video produced at the California Capital Air Show in 2007 in Sacramento, California. Pilot Major "Max" Moga describes each maneuver he performed at the show.

The flight demonstration was nothing short of spectacular! The thrust vectoring nozzles really enhance the maneuverability. Watching the flight control system work during the tail slide was mind boggling- every flight control surface was "twitching" as the F-22 started sliding backwards.

U.S. Navy Blue Angels Mirror Image

U.S. Navy Blue Angels Mirror Image

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels display of precision flight is always enjoyable. The part of their show where the two solo pilots produce the illusion of a mirror image is one of the most popular(and challenging) photographic moments.