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Photographing the Super Moon

Photographing the Super Moon

Photographing the super moon with something in the frame to help the eye to gauge the size is the best way to separate your photo from those of just a moon in the black sky. When the moon first rises, there will be significant atmospheric distortion creating rough edges and color fringing. Some of the color fringing can be removed using photo editing software. This photo was shot on a Canon APS-C camera and the Canon 100-400L IS. Camera and lens setups will vary depending on your camera and lens combination. My setup included using Live View to aid critical focus with the stabilizer on. After manual focus is set, turn off the IS.(using a tripod) I bumped up the ISO to 200 in order to get a reasonable shutter speed of 1/50th at f5.6. Set your self timer to eliminate camera shake if you don't have a remote trigger. I cropped the photo quite a bit after re-sizing. Have fun!

Posted in Submitted by keith on Sun, 08/10/2014 - 12:51.