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Mustangs, Rainbows & Lightning / Earth to Sky Gallery

Mustangs, Rainbows & Lightning / Earth to Sky Gallery

A group of photographers had a scheduled photo shoot at the Reno Air Races on Saturday the 14th of September. The timing was for sunset, but the weather was not looking good. This was our third attempt due to rain in the evening.
We dashed to the flight line as the crews moved the P-51 Mustangs into position. Lightning was already moving into the area and we could see shafts of rain heading our way. The sky darkened. The lightning got closer. Shutters madly clicked away, sounding like thousands of bees approaching.
Lightning was now about a mile away. Then came the rain. One of the photographers yelled “if anybody gets a shot with lightning, I’m buying the beer!”
Drenched, we all ran for cover. I showed him the photo and asked “does this count?”

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