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ISS Flyby of the Moon

ISS Flyby of the Moon

The International Space Station(ISS) passing overhead by the Moon. Photo was taken using a Canon 50D with a Canon 300mmL IS f2.8 plus a 1.4X Extender tripod mounted and remote shutter release. The ISS is very bright and easy to see when it makes a pass overhead. It looks big because of the reflectivity, but when compared to the size of the Moon it's size becomes more obvious. Think of photographing a football field from 200-300 miles away and that's what you are up against. The secret to getting detail is re-sizing the original image to the maximum size your software allows before starting the cropping process. If you save the original as a TIFF file, you're going to save more of the image quality. Crop the photo down in increments and re-size to maximum each time. This makes a huge difference in the final quality. Make all you image adjustments after the cropping is complete.

Posted in Submitted by keith on Thu, 04/04/2013 - 12:26.