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Cal-Fire OV-10 Bronco Forward Air Control

Cal-Fire OV-10 Bronco Forward Air Control

The Cal-Fire OV-10 Bronco was originally a turboprop light attack and observation aircraft. Built by North American Rockwell in the 1960s as a special aircraft for military COunter INsurgency(COIN) combat, its primary mission was designated as a Forward Air Control (FAC) aircraft. The canopy design offers excellent visibility, a very important feature when it came to CDF/Cal-Fire upgrading from the old Cessna O-2 Skymasters.
The Cal-Fire OV-10's have had all of their armor and weapon systems removed allowing an additional 125 gallon fuel tank to be installed in the cargo bay for extended flight operations of 5 hours. The aircraft were upgraded to modern avionics allowing for the tactical control of all aircraft types and agencies involved the fire fight.
The Cal-Fire OV-10 Broncos have a crew of two, a Pilot and the Air Attack Officer. The AAO coordinates all aerial attack assets on a fire with the ground Incident Commander to assure maximum fire suppression in the required areas. The ground IC and the AAO must also coordinate the drops with safety in mind for the fire fighters on the ground.

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