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"Boomerang" UFO Photo Analysis- Distortion

"Boomerang" UFO Photo Analysis- Distortion

Caution should be used when analyzing photos like this recent "boomerang" UFO. Note the motion distortions- especially the separate lower ring. Inset photo "A" is a reference showing no distortions due to motion or speed. Inset photo "B" represents extreme distortions due to the shutter speed be lower than "A". Both photos were shot using a fill flash. Inset photo "C" is an enlargement from "B". The front tire and rim in inset "C" illustrates interactions between shutter speed, forward motion, and rotational motion. Note that the rim and tire appear to be twisted and "woven" around each other- a truly bizarre effect!
So... when you look at the "boomerang" UFO, you will notice a couple of motion induced distortions. For the most part, the direction of travel seems to be left to right. There may be a slight rotation of the object when you look at the left extension from the ring. This left extension has a blur at the very end leading one to perceive a clockwise rotation as observed from the underside of the object. Now, referencing the initial discussion on camera induced distortions, the object cannot be judged with 100 percent confidence on it's direction or rotation- if any. Of course, this could be a totally faked photo but this basic motion distortion analysis will pertain to future observations.

Posted in Submitted by keith on Wed, 03/12/2008 - 01:48.