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New Dangers From Asteroid 2012 DA14 / 6 February 2013

New Dangers From Asteroid 2012 DA14 / 6 February 2013

WHAT WE ARE NOT TOLD about asteroid 2012 DA14 and the implications...

Asteroid 2012 DA14 is about half the size of a football field and appears to be "just a big rock". Yes, it will pass by 17,200 miles from Earth and below the outer geosynchronous satellite orbits of 22,000 miles. Yes, the chances of the "rock" hitting a satellite is very remote as it transverses their orbits.

THE REAL DANGER comes from the loose rubble on the surface of 2012 DA14. As it approaches Earth, gravity interaction starts to take place. At some point, 2012 DA14's own gravity that holds loose rubble to it's surface will be effected by earth's gravity. There is a possibility that this loose rubble could detach from 2012 DA14's surface. If there is a significant amount of this rubble pulled away from 2012 DA14, the possibilities of satellites being struck goes way up. Think about this as the difference between a rifle bullet and a shotgun pattern- except we could have both the "big bullet" and lots of little "shot" transversing the satellite orbits.

Things get much worse if this scenario plays out. If a satellite is struck with enough force, the debris could scatter over a wide area. As the orbit of the debris field decays, numerous satellites will be at risk. This would create a "domino effect" and literally fill our satellite's orbits with tons of trash, rendering new launches of satellites or manned space flight too hazardous for years or decades.

I won't expand this scenario into the loss of military, weather, or communication satellites.

Let's hope that we get a "clean miss".

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