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Cockpit camera mounted in a Zlin-50 LX aerobatic plane

Cockpit camera mounted in a Zlin-50 LX aerobatic plane

This is the typical cockpit camera mount that I use in the production work. The aircraft is Rob Harrison's Zlin-50 LX aerobatic plane. With a super panorama lens, the view includes everything from his hand on the control stick to a nice wide view to the rear. This is great for capturing the aircraft's smoke system as it snakes wildly through the sky behind the plane, and needless to say, the wild action in the cockpit!
The Viosport Adventure Cam III( )has a resolution of 520 lines and is recorded into a DV tape recorder. Viosport makes a variety of cameras, lens, filters, cables, battery packs, and camera mounting systems. So far, this camera has proved to be the best and most reliable when mounted on aircraft and mountain bikes. Viosport will soon introduce the new POV 1 system that records directly to a SD card. The recording unit reminds me of a cell phone in it's size and layout. Video quality will be at least DVD or even better. The camera head will be powered from the recorder, eliminating the camera's battery pack. This is a great leap in technology.