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U.S. Air Force Global Hawk at Beale AFB

U.S. Air Force Global Hawk at Beale AFB

The Global Hawk is one heck of a big Remotely Piloted Vehicle. At 44 feet long, a wing span of 116 feet, and a gross take off weight of 25,600 pounds, this is like a small airliner. It can stay airbourne for 36 hours with a "published" maximum altitude of 65,000 feet. Sensors range from visual to infrared cameras, synthetic aperature radar with a .4 meter resolution, and a moving target indicator mode that sees anything moving above 4 kts. Search area is 40,000 sq. nautical miles and, at 65,000 feet, provides 20 meter spot accuracy for targets. Information is passed via satellite from home base and the battlefield.