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Cockpit Video Cameras Mounted On The L-39 Firecat

Cockpit Video Cameras Mounted On The L-39 Firecat

I mounted the Viosport Adventure Cam III cameras in Rich Perkin's L-39 Firecat. Over three days, I had camera angles that look back at Rich from the glare shield, looking forward over the nose, and a shot at both wings.
When mounting cameras on aircraft, extreme care must be taken to ensure that safety of flight is not compromised. These cameras have cables and recorders that must be secured properly with attention to the routing of cables. Work with the pilot during installation to ensure that the camera, cables, and the recorder do not interfere with flight control system movement. Another consideration is pilot visibility if the camera is mounted in front of him/her. This visibility issue includes important flight instruments if mounting the camera below the glare shield. Lastly, check that the camera and it's mounting system does not impair access to switches and levers. When working on aircraft that pull several positive and negative G's, consider the potential stresses put on your camera system. The recording device needs to be padded and secured in a safe area- and remember that a one pound recorder could weigh 9 pounds when a pilot pulls 9 G's. When the installation is complete, have the pilot check all the components for safety and security.

Demo video:

VIO-POV camera systems:

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