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Kinetic Grand Championship Sculpture Race 2010

The 2010 Kinetic Grand Championship starts at the Arcata Plaza when the traditional noon siren blasts.
The Kinetic sculptures circle the plaza two or three times, then head for the beach to complete the first of the three days challenge of pavement, sand, mud, and water. 42 miles later, the survivors will cross the finish line in Ferndale.
Construction centers around using bicycle parts for propulsion. Many entries have different tire configurations for pavement and sand portions of the course. For the water, most have pontoons they attach before going down the boat ramp. Past experience points to floatation added to the chassis needs to be well thought out. The higher the center of gravity, the wider the floats need to be from centerline. In the 2009 water entry phase, the Viking's Dragon rolled over within 5 seconds of floating due to the floats being attached between the wheels. Once in the water, various designs of paddle wheels are the most common. Most have the paddle wheels attached to the wheel rims to simplify design and add to reliability. When you view the entire photo gallery, you will see some very simple designs and many very complicated mechanical engineering marvels.

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