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F7F Tigercat / U.S. Navy Fighter / Clay Lacy Airshow Demo

The Grumman F7F Tigercat was the U.S. Navy's first twin-engine fighter airframe. Originally, the Tigercat was designed for carrier operations but later became a land based attack or night fighter in the Korean war. Early in production, a second seat was added for the radar operator in the F7F-2N version. The two Pratt&Whitney R-2800-34's developed 2,100 hp each and enabled incredible performance figures of 460 mph(400 knots), a maximum ceiling of 40,400 feet, and a range of 1,200 miles. The F7F could unleash a wall of lead at the enemy with it's four 50 cal. machine guns and four 20 mm M2 cannons. If that wasn't enough, the Tigercat could also carry two 1,000 lb. bombs on wing stations and one torpedo under the fuselage.
This video was shot at the 2008 Pine Mountain Lake Airshow with Clay Lacy at the controls.

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