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F-22 Raptor California Capital Airshow 2010

F-22 Raptor demo from directly under the flight path. Video was shot from the "Photo Pit" on the opposite side of the runway from the crowd line- a new media feature offered by the airshow. Nothing like aerobatic planes and jets buzzing the photographers!
The F-22 Raptor's sophisticated aerodynamics, advanced flight controls, thrust vectoring nozzles, and high thrust-to-weight ratio enable the Raptor to outmaneuver all comers. The Raptor's two Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 turbofan engines are equipped with afterburners and rectangular two dimensional thrust vectoring nozzles. The two engines develop 70,000 lbs. of thrust for the 40,000 lb. airframe, allowing superior acceleration and vertical climb performance. The vectored thrust and large control surfaces result in maneuvers that no conventional fighter jet can perform in actual combat configuration. The F-22 Raptor can cruise at mach 1.5 without using afterburners- known as supercruise. Supercruise greatly expands the range and speed over other fighter aircraft. The F-22's airframe design and avionics systems work together, resulting in it being invisible to the enemy. The F-22 Raptor can not only protect itself with these capabilities, but other combatants as well.

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